Donna Wilson and Rococo Chocolate Easter Eggs

Friday, 3 February 2012

I'm excited to show you a sneak preview of our chocolate eggs, designed for Rococo chocolate. These eggs are all hand painted, and yes... it's the yummiest chocolate ever!

2 Hand painted eggs which come in a Rococo gift box with a clear lid, 100g weight £13.95.
Please contact us for pre-orders at, or keep an eye on our website where they will be available before Easter.

Hand painted chick in a Rococo Box filled with 6 Rococo ganaches 160g £25.00

Hand painted bunny in a Rococo Box filled with 3 Rococo ganaches 70g £17.50

Hand painted lamb in a Rococo Box filled with 6 Rococo ganaches and 4 mixed chocolates 220g £35.00. And the piece de resistance.... a food chain........

3 ganaches inside the carrot, which is inside the rabbit which is inside the fox! 220g £55.00

And finally...  very sweet little bunny eggs 50g, sold separately (also owl, and pussycat designs, with a Rococo bone china egg cup.

Hope you all love them as much as I do. Rococo is a fantastic company, who do lots of amazing delicious chocolate, made in the UK- see their site


  1. couldn't eat it. so pretty

  2. Brilliantly Done! Those are really pretty easter eggs are lovely. Sure my little daughter will love this if she gets hand on it. Thought I'd share.