Donna Wilson + Mamas & Papas Special Edition Buggy!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

We are so proud to share with you news about some of Donna's recent projects! First of these is Donna's special edition baby buggy for Mamas & Papas!


Mamas & Papas' Creative Director Olivia Robinson commented: “We are all such fans of Donna Wilson’s designs here at Mamas & Papas. Collaborating with Donna has brought a really fun and unique style to our Urbo² collection.”

The special edition Donna Wilson buggy and accessories are now available in select Mamas & Papas stores as well as online here, and Mamas & Papas have also done this lovely little video, which you can view here or by clicking below!


Here's a snapshot of the beautiful spread in the Mamas & Papas Autumn/Winter Lifestyle Magazine, which you can request for free on the Mamas & Papas website!

And here's what's happening TONIGHT!

Please join us on Wednesday 20th November at 7pm for a Twitter party with Donna, hosted by Mamas & Papas. This is your chance to chat with Donna and ask her anything!
Find out if becoming a mum has had any effect on her designs, what it was like to collaborate with Mamas & Papas, where her inspirations come from, and what her favourite parts about being a new mum are!

Mamas & Papas will also be doing a global giveaway! One lucky participant will win a special edition Donna Wilson urbo 2 stroller with bassinet AND the matching accessories. All you have to do is take part in the twitter chat between 7 and 8pm London time!

Donna's twitter: @DonnaWilsonLtd
And don't forget to tag #Urbo2ByDonnaWilson to ask questions and to qualify to win!

We hope to see you there!



  1. Am soooo excited! Never have I liked a pram print as much as I like the Donna Wilson one for the Urbo2! :)

  2. Really super! Congratulations!!

  3. It makes me want to have babies!

  4. so awesome! best looking kids buggy : )

  5. I love it so much! I just want to have another baby just to buy this buggy!

  6. Put my deposit down on this bad boy today. I cannot wait to start pushing it around!