Sundara Rug collection with SCP

Monday 23 August 2010

I have just launched a brand new collection of rugs, with British design manufacturer SCP.  Rugs are something I've wanted to do for a while, as they are in between textiles and furniture, so they were a perfect collaboration for us.   I even visited the factory in India where these are made. it was so inspiring to see everything being done under one roof, from sorting out the raw fleece, to spinning , dying and weaving.  it was a great set up.

Above is Mountain spot, which is a flat weave kilim, so very practical and usable in any house, inspired by some of the geometric mountain peak like patterns that I like using. This one is in beautiful shades of blues and turquoises.

Above is Fairisle, which (as the name suggests) is inspired by fairisle sweaters, it's woven from thick textural yarn, 100% New Zealand wool and is available in 3 colourways. It's really thick and soft, and is made using a really interesting technique which looks like knitting!

These are the two other colourways- slate grey with almost neon pink, and a natural brown with a contrasting zig zag of mustard- delicious! 
Scope is a tufted rug inspired by fragments of shape and colour like a kaleidoscope, in beautiful turquoises and peaches.
Whirl, is made up of hundreds of autumn leaves, in may trademark naive style, will be available in two more colourways.

and finally - corners, a plain rug with bright contrasting corners, ideal with a coffee table or sofa on top!

for more information about the rugs, sizes/prices etc, please contact

but let me know what you think xx


  1. these look amazing! I especially love the vivid blue of the first one!

  2. Lovely! Congratulations Donna (I'm a big fan)! Your mountains motif made me see sort of the head of a fox, almost :) Your fairisle is also amazing, my favorites. If you are ever interested I would love to trade creatures with you.

  3. Hi Donna, they are all amazing! I especially love the fairisle rugs

  4. the fox scarf in your shop is awesome!!!!!

  5. i love all of these rugs! LOVE your shop! i just found it today and had to instantly blog about it on my blog...

  6. Donna, I love everything you've created :-) And these rugs are great, really amazing! It's good experience to visit the place all these beauties are made.

  7. The rugs are wonderful (especially the Scope Rug!!). Hope they'll be available in France .... ?

  8. Love the Scope rug its one of our favourites - good work DONNA WILSON!!!!