Happy comb-over Easter!

Tuesday 30 March 2010

Having some fun with our new egg cups- we made a comb-over!
some more suggestions!-bunny ears?
Thanks Erin, Rob and Jon for your artistic talents!
Hope you all have a nice holiday.

Clara's drawing

Saturday 27 March 2010

A couple of weeks ago, we got an email from Clara, who lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. She sent us this drawing she's done of me, and some of the products, it's so fantastic, I had to show it off!  she has made all the products come to life! the fox cushion and the bunny cushion have bodies, so does Meg!  I'm  amazed by her imagination and the detail, and she's only 9 years old.  Thanks Clara, we love your drawing!!

Monster making madness at SCP

Monday 22 March 2010

This weekend we launched our new spring collection at SCP, in their fantastic east and west London shops. on top of that we held a monster making workshop, where kids and adults could make their very own amazing monsters from the monster kits we sell.  I think the kids enjoyed it, and quite a few adults too!

Here are a few pictures of monsters and their makers!

As you can see we had some fantastic monsters!
And I would like to thank Sheridan at SCP for hosting the fun, and also supporting me so much, SCP have bought my collections since the beginning and always have a huge selection of my products in both shops.
go to SCP.co.uk for more details.

knit the world better!

Wednesday 17 March 2010

Escape to the woods was a show I did last year at the Lighthouse Gallery in Glasgow. I came accross some photos of it that I wanted to share, especially some of the comments!
It was a kind of theatre set of knitted trees, clouds, creatures and blankets.

some people liked to hug the trees!
here are some of the comments ... and drawings, I love them.

there are too many to show you.

... some people never made it out of the forest, but they lived happily ever after! xx

Meg, Mog and a birds nest.

Thursday 4 March 2010

Meg cushion

Megs back

Painting my pooches!

Wednesday 3 March 2010

have just come back from Stoke on Trent, where I painted my second batch of ceramic Staffordshire dogs.  It was great fun, the processes are facinating.  I thought you'd like to see some of the work in progress.
These are the naked dogs!, first step was to paint their eyes and mouths, each one has a slightly different expression, and some have eyebrows or whiskers. Some look male, some look female, and some I'm not sure which!
This was the first batch to have their fairisle jumpers painted on.

once all the sweaters are painted, it was time to add the gold on their ears and clawa, this is real gold which turns shiney when it's fired.

Finished! sweaters, ears, claws. phew! I had to to very carefully transport them to the kiln. where they were heated up to 1000's of degrees, to make the gold and colour sink into the original glaze.

Finally they are loaded into the kiln, and I had to say good bye!

Got news this morning that they all fired ok, and are ready to go to their new homes next week. What a relief!

link to them on my site: