Halloween Give Away!

Wednesday 31 October 2012

It's All Hallows' Eve and competition time again.

We're giving away a  Mono Cat to whoever can scare us the most.
All you have to do is write a spooky sentence about mono cat...you can include witches, ghosts ghouls  and anything that will give us a fright!

A winner will be picked next week.


  1. "Mono cat was the last living creature on earth, he sits along in silence. There is a knock at the door."

    Technically that's two sentences though!

  2. If you think you're alone in the dark, then think again... Mono bravely stalks the shadows for the ghostly ghouls, mysterious mogs and kooky and spooky creepy creatures...installing some fear so that they don't dare appear... from thin air into your home.....

    Happy Halloween all!

  3. It was a dark evening with eerie wisps of fog drifting around my ankles when I was startled out of my revelry by an unworldly mrowl from the depths of the wild rose thicket; my last glimpse before going down was of a pair of glowing green eyes and what appeared to be a blur of stripes as a heavy, soft creature thumped hard against my chest.

  4. Be carefull, as soon as the green eyes of mono cat start glowing and are set on you, something bad will happen to you; it's the devil in disguise!

  5. You're sitting alone in your room, there is no light, no electricity because of the storm Sandy, suddenly two bright green eyes stare at you and a little voice says : "Hi Dear, I'm Mono... And I will eat you!"

  6. ... you only hear the sound of bones snapping, skin being peeled away from muscle... and Mono chewing through flesh...

  7. folklore states that you need a black and white cat as a witch to survive this hallow time... Mono is very busy at this time of year... have you seen him in your travels? In which case... a witchy which isn't very far behind...
    Enjoy those pumpkins!
    Madeleine L

  8. Actually it's a one-line story... eh link.
    Needless to say the photograph is taken by me.

  9. You know that feeling of being watched? You may not see it but mono cat is always there, around the corner, under your bed, watching, waiting for the perfect time.

  10. Fright delight it's Mono's night!
    Goldfishes, woollen objects and boyfriends beware
    for she will stalk you unaware!


  11. And then, Mono Cat heard the words that will eternally strike fear into all black and white stripy creatures: "Mmm, what a delicious looking humbug!"


  12. Mono cat watches you while you sleep...forever!!!

  13. Mono is now free!!~
    once behind bars, all wrapped in wire,
    now it's time for your fun to expire,
    my cries will chill you through & through, until pure fear slices you in two,
    my emerald eyes they pierce, oh so witchy & green,
    you can run, you can hide
    your hours are numbered on this oh so
    Feline Halloweeeeeeennnn!!!!!

  14. I'm Momo cat and look...I can let my eyes pop out'

  15. Mono Cat waits excitedly for darkness to fall, so he can slip out into the alley and catch the workers as they head home from their offices; Mono, with his bright green night-vision enhanced eyes, likes to hide in the bushes and pounce on unsuspecting females (the one’s with the nicest shoes), sinking his teeth into their ankles and summoning the witches to swoop with a bat of his tail – so if you hear a rustling on your walk home, BEWARE…

  16. Meowwwww! Meowwwww!!!!!The wind is howling, the doors are creeking and then again...Meowwwww! What's that noise??! Where is it coming from???! A bang, someone screams....there she is! MONO CAT!!!!

  17. In a dark, dark town there was a dark, dark street
    and in the dark, dark street there was a dark, dark house,
    and in the dark, dark house there were some dark, dark stairs
    and down the dark, dark stairs there was a dark, dark cellar
    and in the dark dark cellar….
    Mono Cat lived!

  18. Beware, have a care, when Halloween winds howl, whipping round the houses, when security lights flash on unbidden, open doors cautiously, you may find that fierce creature of legend, Mono cat, a vision in stripes, awaiting to strike fear from your nose tip to your toes tip with her twitching tail and terrifying “Boo!”

  19. To the tune 'thriller'

    COs he's Mono
    Mono Cat
    Your'e frightened for your life
    You'd better get out,get out!
    Cos it is MONO - MONO CAT!

    Sorry best I can do...I've eaten too many sweets - sugar crash!

  20. Mono cat
    Spat black
    He crawled down low
    And looked back
    He was unseen
    In the inky night
    But slits of green
    Could give a fright
    Yet when the dawn
    Began to rise
    His sripey knit
    And gentle eyes
    Betrayed his soul
    Which was all good
    And purred with love
    Like all cats should.

  21. Mono cat was running in the dark and foggy woods when suddenly he was held back by something, he squealed!!! but only to realise he got stuck in tree branches. (What he didn't know was as he was running further, a tread stayed stuck in the branches and he was slowly unravelling....eek!)

  22. Mono cat just wants to be loved <3

  23. mono cat hides all anti-histamines from those poor souls with wool allergies and then cuddles up to them for a nice nap...

  24. Momo cat will wake you in the middle of the night with his hairballs of yarn right under your bed...

  25. meow meow miaow, meow miaow, MEOW!!!!!!!

    (it would be scary if you were a cat)

  26. Cathy Baran crabbycat@hotmail.com31 October 2012 at 14:07

    Mono cat waits by your pillow at night,
    Mono cat waits to give you a fright,
    just when you think that Mono's asleep,
    under your blankets that kitty will creep!
    You better have given that Mono his dinner
    because you might wake just a little bit thinner,
    seven or eight toes instead of all ten,
    and if Mono's hungry, he'll munch you again!
    So better to leave Mono outside at night
    and lock up the door and leave on the light,
    And when you get up in the morning you know,
    it's better to count every finger and toe!

  27. A home without Mono Cat
    Hugs and horror
    From Denmark

  28. If you look into my green eyes, AHA you did it! ...now you´re under my spell, something is going to happen when you least expect it, HA HA HA HA HA........

  29. Mono cat steals your colour if you look into her sess-pool eyes.. BEWARE

    Kelly Comboy

  30. If you look into my green eyes, AHA you did it! .......and now you´re under my spell, something will happen when you least expect it, HA HA HA HA HA

  31. Look! It's moving. It's alive. It's alive...IT'S ALIVE!

    As featured on Dr. Frankenstein-Mono Cat with a trembling voice!

  32. Moooooooonooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  33. Je suis mono cat et je vais manger vos cerveauuuuux

    Charlotte from France

  34. The quiet thud, of paw on earth, as Mono Cat follows you through the mist.

  35. the room was quiet and the evening getting dark, when suddenly there was a scratching noise and out of the corner of her eye monocat thought she saw something move..

  36. Look!
    What's that?
    Mono cat glanced through his stripes.