handicrafts of Iceland

Saturday 25 August 2012

My second post on Iceland, and I still have more! here are some of the handicrafts I found.
 beautiful delicate white 

babies cradles and knitted booties 
seat covers
 tapestry stitches
 and of course Icelandic knitted mittens
traditional costume


 warping with mother

 junk shop beauties
 love this shade!

 cross stitch
 bones used for winding yarn
 painted trunks
 warping winding
 old circular knitting machine

 hand stitched
hand cooked 
 hand knitted

 corrugated and carved
 well loved
 well collected
 well travelled
shells and glass

 another knitting machine

 old friends
 tiny friends
 tiny stitches
 first it was the birds
 then the dogs and crocks
 then the horses and sheep

 hand stitched text

 hand carved signs
 fishermen's gloves with extra thumbs


 hand made horse ropes

hooking rug tufting

 chess board cushion




handy bead work
 leather boots

 welcome help
 welcome face