New collection + October giveaway!

Monday 7 October 2013

Autumn has arrived in London and we’d like to introduce you to our new autumn/winter collection, which launched at London Design Festival just a few weeks ago!

In case you haven’t had a look yet, here is a link to our newest catalogue, and below are some highlights!

We’re so very proud to present new designs and colourways in our furnishings collection, which means new cushions and blankets! We've added to our range of woolly accessories too, as handsomely modeled below by our Giant Creature!

Our new Log Cushion below is a perfect match for our Wooly Wood throws, and Bibi Bear and Shelly are just two of our new additions to our family of creatures!

And below are two very special new items, the Tortoise Floor Cushion and our Pie Chart Patchwork. Our very own Eli was kind enough to demonstrate what he thought one might do with each of these when placed in a home:

In our ceramics range we’ve developed a little collection inspired by the classic tale of the three bears! There’s Papa Bear, Mummy Bear, and Baby Bear! The collection also includes a Bear Plate and Tea Light Holder!

And without further ado: our October Giveaway!
This month we're giving away one each of our new Mini Tea Trays! To enter the giveaway, we'd love for you to share with us your three favourite things about Autumn. Please share your answers by leaving a comment and we'll pick the winners at random at the end of the month! Good luck!


  1. My 3 favourite things are Bonfire Night, Gingerbread and Knitting!

  2. My 3 favourite things about autumn
    Conker fights/contests
    Orange leaves
    Jumping in puddles

  3. My three favourite things about Autumn are the smell of the weather changing, walking outside and smelling the dew drop on the leaves and that winter smell. Second has to be all the leaves falling on the ground, walking through them and hearing them crunch. Thirdly, it's acceptable to drink hot chocolate all day!

    I love the new collection, well done to you all! I know where my wages are going...

  4. Red autumn leaves, foggy mornings and roasted sweet chestnuts!

  5. Pumpkins, chestnuts, autumn leaves.

  6. I love the trees, the colours covering the streets ... that feeling when you are looking at your garden while drinking a cup of warm tea. The noise of the leaves cracking when you walk over them ... my fave season of curse! Thanks! - Noelia Fernandez

  7. Love your new collection!

    My three favourite things about Autumn are the taste of apples and pears, the beautiful colours of the leaves and the smell of a nice and warm fire!

    Thanks fo the giveaway!

  8. Dear Donna and team,
    My three favourite things about Autumn are :
    - to wear my Donna Wilson fox scarf and flamingo one,
    - to spend the Sunday with friends, starting with a brunch at home then spending the afternoon with knitting session,
    - to eat "marrons chauds" and pumpkin's soup :)
    Thanks for your creations Donna, we love your world!

  9. Conkers, winter coat shopping and wearing tights again!

  10. Town House Cushion, Smokey Cat, Rainy Day Mini Blanket
    I love them! And much more!:-)))

  11. Well my favourite three things about autumn has to be a nice mug of tea when its raining outside, cosy scarfs and crafting while the world is so cold outside

  12. Oooooh... what a lovely giveaway!

    I love Autumn for:
    1. The colours in the woods and in my garden
    2. My Birthday (c:
    3. The smell and taste of hot chocolate with cinnamon on a lazy sunday afternoon (and on all other days!)

    Enjoy your Autumn!

    Best wishes from Germany!


  13. Three things about autumn: leaves falling of trees, candle lights in living room, and my newborn <3


  14. Glenn Marvell-James7 October 2013 at 08:50

    The best things about Autumn are the beautiful orange and brown colours, kicking piles of leaves with my 2yo daughter, Pippa, and going to our local park and feeding the squirrels.

  15. What I love about autumn?
    The low sun and the orange glow it gives;
    The introductioncamp with my pupils in school (12 yr olds) this week, who live in the city and spend four days in the forest, some for the first time in their lives!
    Switching from cold white wine to red again.

  16. My 3 favourite things about autumn are crunchy leaves, wooly clothes and crisp, clear mornings x x x

  17. This post has made me so happy! The A/W collection is so vibrant and warm and fun!

    My three favourite things about Autumn:

    Walks in the woods with the crunchy sound of leaves under our feet

    Cosying up on the sofa with my boys under fluffy blankets watching telly

    My birthday in September :)

  18. Love autumn! wearing cardigans, wrapping myself in a cozy blanket to read a book, and sipping on some tea :)

  19. Ohhh, I love Autumn! One because I grew up in the West Indies and we could only dream of seasons and the wonder of these Autumn colours :) Two, because I can enjoy it with my three unschooled kids that love nothing more then woodland walks here in Norfolk with a dash of mushroom/fungi hunting! And three because the air smells so fresh as the feelings of colder days creep in <3

  20. I love the tray! Things I love about Autumn are crunching leaves, drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate and lighting the wood burner for the first time!

  21. My 3 favourite things about Autumn..
    Nights drawing in
    Wearing woolly tights after a summer of bare legs

  22. Love all your art works. They are awesome!

  23. Beautiful collection, I love it!

  24. What a lovely new collection! Thank you for the giveaway. My favourite things about autumn are the crisp air, walking in boots and hearing leaves crackle under your feet and having a nice hot chai latte.
    Thanks again! : )

  25. Looking forward to wearing cosy knits, the colour orange everywhere and crisp, cool morning walks.

  26. 1. Rediscovering my love for soup
    2. The glorious leafs!
    3. Coats and bare legs

  27. the smell of bonfires/fireworks, the crunch of autumn leaves and the crisp air

  28. 1. Rainy days spent inside.
    2. Lighting the fire to warm up the house.
    3. Snuggly under a blank on the couch with a cup of tea ^-^

  29. Three things I love are #1 the colours #2 getting out my wool and knitting needles to start a new project # 3 brisk walks in the crisp air.

  30. going into the forest and searching for beautiful leaves, chestnuts, beechnuts and all kind of autum-things, going home making a autum-table with my two boys in the meantime telling about little goblins i have seen in the forest..

  31. acorns, leaf piles, and fair isle anything.

    ps. The yellow mittens look fantastic!

  32. 1. walking under falling leafs
    2. wearing scarfs
    3. reading in the later afternoon, my sleeping chocolate labrador next to me

  33. 1. Crunchy Leaves
    2.The mix of red, brown & Green leaves on the trees
    3.The start of cwtchy clothes

  34. I actually don't have autumns here in my country, but I think I'd love wearing my sweaters to keep me warm, drinking hot chocolates with my bestfriends, and walking down the street with orange leaves pouring down on me. That would be very lovely :)

  35. I actually don't have autumns here in my country, but I think I'd love wearing my sweaters to keep me warm, drinking hot chocolates with my bestfriends, and walking down the street with orange leaves pouring down on me. That would be very lovely :)

  36. ah i want all of these! your designs make me so happy.

    my three favorite things about autumn is:
    1. getting to wear cozy scarves and hats and mittens
    2. having an excuse to fire up the fireplace
    3. all the trees dress up and get all colorful and orange!

  37. Making Sloe Gin and Apple Chutney, knitting jumpers and beautiful cold, sunny days.

  38. soup, knitting and wool... these are my favorite three things about autumn

  39. My 3 favourite things about Autumn ....Donna, Jon and Eli

  40. Autumn rocks! Sweaters, the smell of fall leaves and pumpkins. Nothing beats it!

  41. Staying at home, sitting by the fire and new cosy knits.

  42. 1. The reminder that everything changes and turn into something else - in nature as in our lives.
    2. The blue, blue september sky
    3. The darkness calls for less gardening and more crochet and knitting

  43. my country Indonesia we only have 2 seasons, rain & dry, so i never have Autumn in my life ;) But what i see in some movie, what i like about Autumn is:
    - the orange leaves
    - sleeping around the fallin leaves
    - a wool scarf ;)


  44. changing leaf colours, changing outfits, getting snuggly with sweet cosy things

  45. Colder weather, apples and the autumn colours!

  46. wow so amazing room! i love it! :)

  47. O looove your new collection!! Autumn for me is reflecting, how my favorites park turns orange & red & drinking chai tea ...hopefully transported on one of your tea trays :-)

  48. Wearing my favorite jumper again, colorful woolen blankets and pumpkins

  49. Apple picking, country walks, and baking with pumpkins! x

  50. Hi! I love your work! I love your art! Your designs make me soooo... happy!!!

    Well, let me think: My three favorite things about autumn are:
    1. pumpkin carving
    2. drinking tea
    3. going to exhibitions

    Have a wonderful autumn too.... MiME

  51. Snug, cosy clothes;
    Walking through crunchy, kick-me golden russet leaves;
    Nights drawing in full of Halloween and bonfire mystery and promise

  52. The colors of course, Icelandic wool even more and the sheep round-up, so much fun!

  53. getting to wear my woolly hat, huge pots of soup simmering on the hob & toffee apples :)

  54. 1. Conker fights
    2. Windswept hairdo's
    3. Jumpers

  55. Crunchy leaves
    Warm colours
    My daughters birthday


  56. My three favourite things about autumn are
    1) cooler crisp weather
    2) Conker fights !!
    3) collecting brambles to make jam !

  57. Blackberry picking, the first fire of the season, being close to Christmas!

  58. My three favourite things about autumn are:

    Christmas shopping
    Walks through the woods with the kids
    Sunday afternoon baking

    Thanks for the giveaway

  59. My 3 favourite things about Autumn are ( in random order):
    one : the word Autumn ( ♥ that silent n!)
    two: cuddling up under a warm blanket on the sofa with my terrific husband of 22 years, with a warm drink ( 22 is my lucky number)
    three: crocheting a new blanket for anyone that feels cold a lot of the time

  60. My 3 favourite things about autumn
    colorfull leaves
    ginger tea

  61. my three favourite things about autumn are starting to drink tea again, the leafs falling down the trees and using my knitted clothes again!

  62. My 3 favourite things about autumn:
    - wearing fluffy, warm sweaters
    - curling up under a blanket with a hot drink and a book
    - crunchy, colourful leaves

    My e-mailadres is

  63. 1. The arrival of our Autumn baby any day now (nicknamed Smeap - poor thing)!
    2. Receiving a supply of my dad's much loved homemade tomato ketchup made from his surplus late summer tomatoes, yummy.
    3. An excuse to stay indoors listening to the rain eating biscuits.

  64. Collecting nuts and leaves, pumpkins and hot choclate!
    MMMMM :)

  65. the pretty light
    getting cosy indoors
    eating lots of beetroot

    hope i'm lucky

  66. My favourites things about autumn are:
    • drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream
    • walking in the forrest and smell the fall
    • sitting inside when it's raining outside with candles on and watching a good movie with my love

  67. Cold crispy mornings in a warm leafy orange setting
    Wearing all the colourful crazy knits and being nice and warm
    The excitement in the air for halloween, bonfire night and dare I say it.... christmas!

  68. Hi!
    leaves, warm deserts, the evenings inside coming up with lots of ideas.
    That's Autumn for me;) I wish you a very creative Autumn!
    From Afke (Netherlands)

  69. Hi Donna, what a beautiful and jolly collection! My 3 favourite autumn things are:
    - going for a walk and collecting leaves, pine comes, cookers etc, then creating a display for the mantelpiece
    - followed by my next favourite thing, a delicious home made soup, with delicious seasonal vegetables
    - thirdly, I love all the fallen leaves, and the shadows they leave behind on the pavement. So beautiful.

  70. My three favourite things about Autumn are:
    Going for long walks with loved ones & the dogs, Costa's Hot Spiced Apple drink (I suggest you try it if you haven't already!) and lastly, browsing your Autumn collections. Keep up the fantastic work!

  71. My favourite things about autumn are drinking hot chocolate, my upcoming Christmas preparations and wearing scarfs and mittens!

  72. Still loving your work :)

    For me....

    Treasure collecting in the woods
    Hearty food cooked all day in the slow cooker
    Snuggling on the sofa with an Irish Coffee and listening to the rain come down

    and I think I need a fourth, watching the seaons change. The colours.


  73. My three favourite things about Autumn are: more snuggles than usual with my miniature sausage dog when the temperature starts to drop, the crunching sound of autumn leaves on the ground when you're out for a walk and being able to wear a wooly scarf again! :) x

  74. my 3 favourite things about autumn:

    1 the smell of the morning when you get out before everyone else
    2 sunny but cold weather (especially early in the morning when it smells good)
    3 wearing scarves and woolly hats (sometimes indoors)

  75. First of all: I love your new collection!
    My favorite things of autumn are: the colours of nature (the leaves), mushrooms and the word autumn in Dutch is herfst, love that word!

  76. my three favourite things ... h u m h u m
    > the light and the incredibles colours
    > the 'soupe aux potiron'
    > the forest Under the leaf
    T H A N K S ( mistouille )

  77. An Autumnal day down the allotment:

    The colours of a bountiful harvest
    The rustle of wellies kicking up fallen leaves
    The taste of hot blackcurrant from a flask

  78. My three favourite autumnal things are:
    - Collecting bucketfuls of apples for cider making
    - Walking through the woods finding fir cones ready for Christmas decorations
    - Sitting in the lounge, wrapped in a blanket watching the wild weather outside and listening to the rain

  79. My 3 favoutite things about Autumn are:

    1) HUTSPOT! --- it's traditional dutch comfort food made from carrots, onions, potatoes and I really like to experiment with it. The biggest challenge is to make it look nice!
    2) Everytime I walk out of my house, Mother Nature has a different colour.
    3) DIY with everything the fall gives my *acorns *leaves *twigs *pine cones etc


  80. 1. Donna Wilson's Autumn Collection
    2. Autumn's Whisper like a lullaby
    3. Autumn's strong earthy smell and colors

  81. Hi Donna,
    3 things I love about Autumn are:
    Wrapping my baby up cozy and warm for strolls in the park.
    Rosy cheeks and chilly noses.
    Lighting rooms with candles and fairy lights.

  82. I love everything from your new collection!
    My 3 favorite things of autumn :
    - Mushrooms
    - The heat and the smell of a firewood
    - Wearing big boots and walk in little water ponds

  83. Leaves, Colors, Light/ Shadows - everything is saturated

  84. My 3 favourite things about Autumn collection are :

    1. the fox scarf
    2. the mini squirel tray
    3. the big fox

    But everything is soooo nice ! ;-)

  85. 3 favorite things about autumn: that back-to-school feeling, my tomcat getting plump, Thanksgiving

  86. Autumn is my favourite season because of the puddles for splashing (because we all love to feel like a child again!), the dark nights which make it acceptable for carb heavy meals and soups and looking up and remembering how amazing trees really are... and don't get me started about conkers and fireworks! :)

  87. ahh what is there not to like about Autumn? The colours, the skies and the weather that makes it OK to wear a hat, scarf, gloves and enormous coat AND gives you pink cheeks better than any blusher ever could! Happy Autumn everyone! :) CJ x

  88. hullo
    my 3 autumn highlights are
    - fruit crumbles with custard
    - crunchy leaf walks
    - pink cheeks on my small people
    best season!

  89. Soft sunrays - carpets of leaves - the sense of nature slowing down...

  90. Leaves everywhere!
    Knit knit knit : )
    Cosy blankets x

  91. 3 things I love about autumn: crisp air, woolly sweaters and pumpkin soup.

  92. An extra throw on the bed, rough sea walks all wrapped up and binned brollies which can't hack the wind... it is the season of feeling! It is also the season of TV dinners and crime dramas - hence the need for the tray.. ! Jense x

  93. My favourite things about autumn are the fantastic red sunsets, long walks in the forest and hot chocolate. Not necessarily in that order but all 3 at once would be best.

  94. This comment has been removed by the author.

  95. 1. Orange Leaves c:
    2. Putting the heater on c:
    3. "What does the fox say" c:

  96. -changing the colors of what we wear
    -wearing a sweater and scarf
    -thinking of xmas

  97. What I like most about autumn are the sudden weather changes with copious amounts of rain... no wait, actually I don´t like those. What I like is the sense that in autumn every warm day and sunshine is something to be savoured, drinking cocoa without sweating and flying leaves.

  98. 1- the excited feelling of the new year- in university
    2-the thought of new things to knit
    3-drinking apple tea

  99. With a lot of inspiration from my garden letting the indoor creativity take over.
    sitting in front of the fireplace with a good book
    making hot, red soups

  100. crisp air, wood fires, falling leaves

  101. Bringing inspiration from my garden into my studio
    sitting in front of the fire
    eating red soups

  102. My three favourite autumn things are red leaves, orange leaves, yellow leaves!

  103. - morning fogs and spiders nets
    - low sun and many bugs buzzing around
    - catching some leaves falling down

  104. I love of course the colours, the sky is so bright blue and all the deep colours of the forest, and I love the smell from all the fireplaces around here, but most of all I like the feeling I get since I was a little girl and began going to school, of a new year beginning in autumn, new friends and new projects....

  105. Hi, I'm so in love with the new beary items. The are definitely on my birthday wishlist! My favourite time of the year is autumn so it is quiet hard for my to pick only three things... My favourites are: 1.) Tea-time 2.) Long walks through the forest 3.) Wearing my Donna Wilson mittens for the first time :) Happy time! Lea

  106. Sitting by the fire
    Wearing woolly hats
    Shiny conkers

  107. Love the colours. Drinking tea. Wear mocassins.
    Raffaella (

  108. my 3 favourite things about this season are:
    watching my toddler get cosy under the mountains blanket :)
    cuddling with the trees hot water bottle
    and fireplace cosy after puddle jumping!

  109. Help my kid to add new autumn sleeves to his herbarium
    Sleep under my triangle patchwork plaid
    Eat roasted chestnuts by my parents' fireplace

  110. Thank you all for participating!! The winners of the October giveaway are Judith Tops in The Netherlands and Hilde Sleveland in Glasgow!

  111. Appriciate for your handmade. I'm Liana Sari from Indonesia. I'm crafter too