Friendly Forest for St Georges Hospital Children's Emergency Department.

Friday 21 December 2012

As 2012 comes to a close I wanted to show you a very special project that we managed to fit in this year.  I was asked to design a wall mural for the corridor of the Children's Emergency Department of St Georges Hospital, London.
The work had to be uplifting for kids of all ages with things going on at lots of different height levels.   The corridor changes in width, and leads from the reception to different parts of the hospital.
I thought it would be nice if the wall was lined with curious looking trees. Within the trees various creatures live, a smiling cat, a family of hand drawn koalas, a lime green snail and even a bear in boots!
Here are some pictures of the install, the work was made from sticky wall vinyl by Bradford based company new vision -

Line of ants who have made their home along the bumper rail!
Is that cyril squirrel fox?
The Lion tree

Many Thanks to Belinda Harward, who is the Arts Director at St Georges and is in charge of promoting well being. Belinda commissioned the corridor. I hope it brings a smile to a few of the faces that pass through the corridor in often stressful circumstances.


  1. What a lovely addition to the hospital! Lovely work. Happy Christmas Donna! :)

  2. Thats gorgeous! and must make it a less frightening place to be in? I know it would stop me being scared.
    The colours ae sooo fresh and cheery too.
    Daisy j

  3. It's so perfect. I like that the mural was made with vinyl stickers. Yes, very uplifting sentiment for all who must visit the hospital. I almost want to visit just to see the wonderful mural.

  4. This is amazing. Good for you and all the people who helped you!

  5. Lovely.....I fancy a wall sticker myself! The kiddies and their families will really appreciate :)

  6. I want to have this hospital for us too! Delicious.

  7. Well done. It's beautiful. I love the ants !

  8. How very very lovely! Every hospital should have this :-)

  9. excellent project ... it is SO beautiful and I agree they should be in every hospital corridor ... Happy New Year with plenty of bright new projects.

  10. This is brilliant - I'm sure will brighten and make friendly a potentially scary space for kids. Well done you and all involved! H

  11. How i'd like to wait in a so peaceful space when we've wait 4 hours at the emergency...beautiful!And such a human project.

  12. this is so lovely! certainly a cheery addition to any hospital corridor. i especially love the line of ants.