Inside the mill

Friday 28 February 2014

If you have ever wondered how tartan is made, here are some photos of a mill I visited this week in Scotland.  I love visiting factories, and most of these mills have amazing clanky old victorian machinery that still work, so many skilled workers, and lots of colourful wool! 

Design for the Fogo Island Inn

Tuesday 4 February 2014

A couple of years ago, I was asked to visit the most remote Island called Fogo Island. Off the coast of Newfoundland the island had around 20,000 inhabitants, and the population is dwindling.  An amazing woman called Zita Cobb was born there, and after a successful career in Canada, she had decided to set up a foundation to create employment and to try to give youngsters a reason to stay.  She decided to create an Inn and everything from the building work to the materials, right down to the sheets on the beds had to be sourced and made on the island with the skills they had.  I was lucky enough to be selected by Ilse Crawford to help with the interiors.  The Inn is finished now, and it looks breathtaking!

The most amazing view- The inn sits on the shore and all the rooms over loo the powerful sea.  
 The Inn was designed by Canadian Architect Todd Saunders, and modern structure echoes the fishing huts which are built on stilts all around the shore.

 Here are some shots of the interior- I designed the chair, pouffe and wallpaper above.

 The patchwork quilts are made by the islands guild.

Close up of the Bertha chair, which was inspired by the Island's tradition of boat building. The chair was made by the boat builders, and cushions made by the patchwork guild.

What an amazing place!