Wilson Windows at SCP

Friday 25 February 2011

If your popping to East London this weekend, be sure to pay a visit to SCP, where they are displaying some new collection pieces including the Munro chesterfield sofa, which is covered in peacock fabric woven in Wales, and our new Mountain spot rugs, which will be in stock very soon. Thanks SCP! 

we will be launching this and a three seater version at Milan Furniture fair in April.

This is the grey colourway of the mountain spot kilim, I love this colourways, I think it feels quite Japanese!
see more at www.scp.co.uk

and the winner of the fox scarf is.....

'Sebastien' who was suggested by Woo, Woo, please get in touch with your address, so we can send you your prize. (you can email laura@donnawilson.com)
 we liked her story: woo said...

There's an urban fox that lives near my boyfriend's flat. All winter, even through the harshest snow we would see him scurrying around looking for food. My boyfriend started leaving apples outside for him but it transpires foxes don't have much of a taste for apples as they were still there when the ice thawed. 

It was a particularly cold Scottish winter and I would worry about old foxy in the sub zero temperatures, and took to singing belle and sebastien's 'fox in the snow' whilst peering out the window, hoping to see him. My boyfriend still thinks I made this wee ditty up myself, so, as an apology to the band, and an homage to the Footdee Fox, I suggest 'Sebastien'!


Keep posted for our March giveaway in the next couple of weeks.... can't believe it's nearly March.


Little House Interiors

Wednesday 23 February 2011

 A selection of interiors from the houses on Fogo Island, I love the scale of them and the painted colour combinations.

 lot of mix and match pattens with different wall papers

 pink and yellow!
 I dream of living by the sea!

a quick look outside too!

peeping through the window!

Photos from the far off island of Fogo

 After travelling for nearly 24 hours from London to Gander, the ferry opened it's jaws and we sailed to the little island of Fogo, just off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.
 Nina Tolstrup, Me and 1/3 of Ineke Hans
 The island is magical, with lots of tiny houses and boat sheds. The houses are all built out of wood and on stilts so they can be moved!, So when you buy a house, you don't buy the land it's on, and you can float your house round the island on the sea! I'd love to see a floating house.
 Pink Fire station
I found my boat!
 Moose and caribou alert! unfortunately we didn't manage to spot any while we were there.
 The houses are all painted beautifully, and framed by a contrasting colour.
 the little dots on the shed doors are a guide so that if you walk down the 'stage' in  straight line you shouldn't fall in!
 This is one of the most stunning artists studios on the edge of a cliff.
 Punts outside Petes house, which are used for a boat race from Fogo to Chage island every year, there is a fantastic documentary on this called Crankie here's the trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzhNxaab_PQ

 lots of snow, my feet were like ice blocks!
 Children used to (and probably still do) jump along these fragments of frozen ice in the harbours, not sure if I'd be brave enough!
 We even got a ride on a skidoo, that's how most people get around, as there are only roads around the edge of the island with forrest in the middle.

I will post some more interior shots too, as they were so quaint and homely.

Nos Da blankets in stock!

Tuesday 15 February 2011

 Just to let you know we have got in some 'Nos da' for the website.  There are throws and large blankets, in beautiful and unexpected colours.  This range is produced together with SCP- www.scp.co.uk
(above is the throw- with a tiny bit of the reverse on show)
(above is the full size blanket)
 The wool for this collection is specially spun and dyed in England and then woven in Wales by a traditional Mill that has been in the same family for over a century. They have a dray, old fashioned feel, like the traditional Welsh blankets you still sometimes find.

This colourway is called Moss which is my favourite!

The Frank Pouffe is made by hand stuffing Calico bags and upholstering them with the woven panels, reminiscent of segments of an orange. They are so handy in a living room, I use mine as a spare seat/coffee table/footstool! Available in two sizes.