Nos Da blankets in stock!

Tuesday 15 February 2011

 Just to let you know we have got in some 'Nos da' for the website.  There are throws and large blankets, in beautiful and unexpected colours.  This range is produced together with SCP-
(above is the throw- with a tiny bit of the reverse on show)
(above is the full size blanket)
 The wool for this collection is specially spun and dyed in England and then woven in Wales by a traditional Mill that has been in the same family for over a century. They have a dray, old fashioned feel, like the traditional Welsh blankets you still sometimes find.

This colourway is called Moss which is my favourite!

The Frank Pouffe is made by hand stuffing Calico bags and upholstering them with the woven panels, reminiscent of segments of an orange. They are so handy in a living room, I use mine as a spare seat/coffee table/footstool! Available in two sizes.


  1. These are gorgeous! The colors are all just perfect.

  2. Love these! It reminds me of American Indians ( The patterns). I had one so similar to this until my dog decided it was a chew toy. She got in lots of trouble that day. Thanks for sharing!