and the winner of the fox scarf is.....

Friday 25 February 2011

'Sebastien' who was suggested by Woo, Woo, please get in touch with your address, so we can send you your prize. (you can email
 we liked her story: woo said...

There's an urban fox that lives near my boyfriend's flat. All winter, even through the harshest snow we would see him scurrying around looking for food. My boyfriend started leaving apples outside for him but it transpires foxes don't have much of a taste for apples as they were still there when the ice thawed. 

It was a particularly cold Scottish winter and I would worry about old foxy in the sub zero temperatures, and took to singing belle and sebastien's 'fox in the snow' whilst peering out the window, hoping to see him. My boyfriend still thinks I made this wee ditty up myself, so, as an apology to the band, and an homage to the Footdee Fox, I suggest 'Sebastien'!


Keep posted for our March giveaway in the next couple of weeks.... can't believe it's nearly March.


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