Food of the fair

Sunday 29 April 2012

We managed to eat our way round Milan furniture fair! here are a few snaps for you.....

 This was at Eindhoven Design Academy show- the biggest sandwiches ever!

 A white crock with green peas in it's mount
 Another Dutch place- an amazing trailer making pancakes.

 Food served on cardboard plates.
 bowl of seafood sealed in with pizza dough.

 fresh strawberries and a visit to the market...

David Hockney landscapes

Last month I managed to catch the David Hockney show at the Royal Academy. After queuing for an hour at 10.30 pm we were a bit exhausted... But as soon as we got in the colours and intensity of hues blew me away!
These snaps were just taken on my phone and don't do the paintings justice but haven't done anything to the colour so you can see the power of the saturation! I'd recommend buying his book too. Enjoy.

A tribute to the best Cyril Squirrel Maker in the world!

Saturday 28 April 2012

I first met Elaine, when I was working on the beautiful Orkney Islands, for Scottish accessories company Tait and Style.  Elaine was an out worker for Ingrid.  When I set up my own company, I asked Elaine if she'd like any more work, and she enthusiastically accepted.  
Ever since 2004 we have been sending Elaine packages of knitted fabric ( We still knit all the fabric for the creatures in the studio in London) and Elaine sends us packages of finished creatures.  It's always exciting to receive Elaine's packages, normally in bags or odd boxes she finds around Stromness! She is so fast, and always makes the creatures so well.
Recently she began to count up all the creatures she has made over the years...... I can't believe that there are 1451 Cyril Squirrel Foxes somewhere around the world!
So we wanted to say a big thank you to Elaine, and all our other out workers around the UK- Kate,
Gemma, Navida, Josie, Heather, Holly, Claire-Anne, Amy, Glendaveny Teddy Bears.

'Use my tail' winners announced

Friday 27 April 2012

And the winners are.... Sebastian Seymore Squirrel the third- Mama Sunshine... and Sydney Squirel -Paul.
Please contact with you address so we can send it to you.

Milan 2012- wrap, knit, stitch and sew

Sunday 22 April 2012

Last year I did a blog post called Milan through textile eyes- so this is this years version, I saw a lot of design the last few days but I'm always drawn to anything textural, especially products that are made by hand.  here are a few of my favs.

This was amazing- a 3D installation made from wool and lots of fishing wire, which looked like a sketch.

blue eyes!