Food of the fair

Sunday 29 April 2012

We managed to eat our way round Milan furniture fair! here are a few snaps for you.....

 This was at Eindhoven Design Academy show- the biggest sandwiches ever!

 A white crock with green peas in it's mount
 Another Dutch place- an amazing trailer making pancakes.

 Food served on cardboard plates.
 bowl of seafood sealed in with pizza dough.

 fresh strawberries and a visit to the market...


  1. Ciao!!!
    Italian food and eating products are wonderful to eat and also to see. Thank you for your great pictures.
    Ps. I was in Milano, too, but I must say you took great pictures... I suppose you like our food, don't you? :D
    ✿Francesca, an Italian blogger and follower of your amazing blog.✿