January's giveaway

Monday 31 January 2011

On the last day of January (it wasn't such a bad month was it?) I'm just in time to do a giveaway my plan was to do one a month.

...because it's so cold I'm giving away a lovely pair of lambswool bed socks AND a pair of right wrong gloves to one lucky person.
guaranteed to keep your toes cosy, we wear these in the studio when it's really cold!

and these should keep you right.. or wrong.... (no offence meant to left handers)
all you have to do is sum up your January in three things and we'll choose a winner at random.

my January would be... New York, new flat, old friends.

we'll announce the winner in a couple of weeks.
keep cosy x


  1. ooooh, so cozy! my January was a ton of snow, new opportunities, and delicious food

  2. Oooo how lovely!

    3 things:

    * 1st pedal bike ride for my 5 year old
    * Colourful crafted paper kites
    * Sunshine walking through botanical gardens

    Thanks for the giveaway! Lou xx

  3. My january was 1 funeral, 2 exams and 2 weeks of vacation. So both ups and downs...!

  4. Thank you, they are lovely, and now I'm thinking my three are a bit boring! keep them coming lovely people x

  5. my january was 1 week of vacation, chinese restaurant & wait the good changes at work :-)

  6. My three are 1) long woodland walks on cold, grey days 2) Curling up with a load of great reads and 3) getting to grips with my new sewing machine. 2011 has been pretty good to me so far! xx

  7. it really is so cold!
    january was about: making dinners, reading books, sleeping in on accident.

  8. Resolutions. Trying to keep them. Need to try harder!

    Love your work...you are an inspiration!

  9. oooh, mine are; Kai's 5th birthday party. sewing bags (one yoga bag, one tote bag). knitting!

  10. January: cultural adventures, knitting obsessively, making soup!

  11. cute give away, i'm in...

    my january was:
    - my 26th birthday
    - crafting together with a new gals friend
    - new hope


  12. Stomach flu, snow, syllabus writing...I need those socks and gloves! I adore your work...so glad to find you!

  13. Cool, chiquita socks :D

    My three things would be

    new job
    writing stories
    winter sun (saw it about two times)

  14. Hello!

    My January in three words:

    Three Foxes, a Cat called Lola and My first ever Macaroon Experience (why did I wait 22 years!?)

  15. job stress, engagement, disappointed in people

    Could have been better ...


  16. My January....leaving complicated things behind, be truly happy now, looking forward to a sunnier year!

  17. The three magic words that sum up my month of January are:WOOD, WOOL and WOOLY, they represent everything I used to decorate my home.

  18. My January was cold, nice as I saw 3 of my friends that I haven't seen in almost 15 years and long as I'm already waiting for spring to come...

  19. My January was many things... If I have to pick only 3 it has to be:

    Nail polish in bright colours!
    Do something about your dream!
    Chai tea and chrochet!

    I hope to win socks and gloves in lovely bright colours - it's a part of my new year's resolution to wear more colours:)

  20. Your socks and gloves made me smile on this first day in february, that must be a good way to start! My January was my birthday, the ongoing cold and the birth of my little nephew Ilja.

  21. January 2011:

    - taking the ferry to the Norwegian island 'Tysnes'
    - bathing my babyboy in our new Tummytub
    - finishing "The Wire" (for the second time)

    Best regards, Ms.Dapper Ü

  22. Thanks for having an awesome giveaway! Those socks are too cute, and those gloves are so funny. I love 'em!

    Well.. my January was productive. Filled with a few new year resolutions I've some how managed to keep up with (project 365 being one of them)... and, this last day of the month, I just finished (and printed out) my business plan. I'm excited for the rest of the year. It feels good to say that. Thanks, again. You rock!
    happy new year <3

  23. Oh so cosy, my January consisted of knitting, reading and no internet. Pretty good :-)

  24. my january can be summed up by, loads of roasted winter vegetables, lazy days snuggled indoors watching murder mysteries, and hours of knitting. xx

  25. My january can be summed up like this:

    - finding a new friend
    - enjoying the sun on my face on cold wintery days, especially when the inhabitants of the building decide to put the heating on on sunny days and then realise there's no petrol left anyore to heat during the really cold days...
    - finally deciding what colour the walls should get after three years! It's gonna be white!

  26. My January: Knitting, blogging, and an ongoing cold (as several others, I see). :)

  27. Sisters, late nights, New flat

  28. My January:
    -and falling over

  29. Lovely giveaway ! My January has been :
    1) 21 days of 'seasonal flu'
    2) one trip to my GP
    3) seven days on antibiotics
    Here's hoping for a better February !! Jennifer R. (mrsruss@aol.com)

  30. My January was:

    1) Making origami clothing
    2) Knitting 10 million (maybe slight exaggeration..) tiny hearts
    3) Falling in love again

    Thank you for a gorgeous giveaway!

  31. my January was a weekend in Edinburgh, a new coat and the end of an era.

  32. hello sweet giveaway!

    my january:
    excitement, smiles....and the stomach flu.

  33. My January:
    1/ Slow Cooking
    2/ Drawing on the New Blackboard Wall
    3/ Two Fabulous Swedish Films

    Helen de B (hadeb@hotmail.com)

  34. Cold. Cozy. Constructive.


    Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. im so excited about this giveaway!! Im an art student in my final year, and i find your work so inspiring :)

    my three things would be:

    > flooded house
    > making plans
    > poorly poppy


  36. -- highland adventure -- sketchbook drawings -- comfort snacks --

  37. * cozy nights in front of the fire snuggled up in my fluffy pink dressing gown (it's true, I look like a big blancmange)

    *cold, early mornings running for the bus with bad hair hidden under my woolly hat

    *conquering knitting with 4 needles and making my first Donna Wilson creature - with mum's help of course - my proudest moment!

  38. I am playing! So, in my january :

    * a two years birthday
    * a good news
    * flashing orange nails

  39. Thank you for your work and the giveaway !!***
    my January was
    in love
    in bed
    in busy mind ! ( new machine, new projects, crazy full of works studio!)
    anyway, go on well in your lovely work ***
    neolou (france)

  40. January January January!

    - butternut squash, burgh island and end of dissertation!x

  41. My January:
    1- A clean shaven husband
    2- A surprise Party organised
    3- Too many hours at work!

  42. my granny's birthday & my birthday = CAKES!

  43. i'm happy it's february, but january was a wonderful, yet frustrating month. three things to sum it up: beautiful baby girl, no sleep, lots of tears (of joy)

  44. Oh I need a pair of gloves!!!
    My january:
    - a one week trip for the south of Spain.Wonderful
    - "Pino", a dog we found in the middle of nowhere, four days later we found his owner. Now we miss "Pino" a lot...
    - meeting a friend after five years. Lot of memories

  45. My January:
    * Too many brass band rehearsals
    * Making crispbread
    * The flu:(

  46. Fabulous give away, love the color of the socks!

    My january said; Bye maternity leave, hello new school and hello snotty nose.


  47. my january -

    flying kites, printing tea towels and family dinners

    : )

  48. Brilliant Green, Angel Delight and Crazy Golf!

  49. January to me:

    1:Planning a surprise party
    2:Working late
    3:Wet cat paws.


  50. my january:
    sunny snow, my first dollhouse, orchid in bloom!

  51. OK, I'll play...Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays!

  52. 1) possibilities ahead
    2) trying to keep cool
    3) mango dripping down my arm

    My January in Sydney, Australia

  53. My month was: filled with love, big achievements and excitement. Not a typical january, but so much more fun!

  54. Where I live in Australia we have had a miserable summer, so your socks and gloves could actually do the trick : )
    3 things from my january:
    grey skies, green tomatoes and good music.

  55. My january was:
    1- planning the new year,
    2-"dia de reis";
    3-cold, cold, cold

  56. My january was; cold, busy and all about trying to sort out the black and white stripes I just painted in my new bathroom in my studio...

  57. My January was crocheting, sewing, and working out with a dash of a cold just to make it interesting.

  58. My January was: hearty soups, new friends, old soul records.It was a pretty good month overall.

    Love the color combination of these socks :)


  59. MY 3 things for January were:

    1 Learning to use sewing machine
    2 Bought a Meg plate
    3 Learning to knit!

    Hurrah for me!

  60. My January was: wellington boots,reading books by the fire,toasting marshmallows

  61. Hmm, three things... My January's been dominated by baking (and eating) carrot cake, baby kisses & photography (thanks January sales for the bargain camera) xx