Milan2012- man and machine

Sunday 22 April 2012

This year in Milan furniture fair there was definitely a trend of exhibitors showing the process of how things are made, which I always find really interesting. instead of just showing the fine product there were lots of demonstrations of crafts people and skilled experts making the product in front of our eyes. Also new technology- rapid prototyping, huge stamping and CNC machines- and even shows of man vs machine (Dominic Wilcox La Rinnecente) Here are a few snaps of things that caught my eye.

 I loved this machine- it was a live physical website On this roll of paper and 360 degrees camera you could capture things that were going on in the room and see it on the blog with a 3 second delay- reminded me very much of an invention in one of my favorite films- the Science of Sleep- by Michele Gondry.

 This is Phil on the SCP stand, making one arm chair per day.  He found it difficult as he was used to working faster in the workshop, and not used to lots of people asking questions all the time. There was also a fantastic video of the processes of making the upholstery that SCP do. 

 This was a machine that sprayed paint in time and to the tempo to music - from the Royal College of Art.

 An amazing process of mixing iron filings with resin, and using huge magnets to produce these crazy jaggedy forms.
 a little cake machine making furniture shaped cakes
Melvin the machine the amazing 'mousetrap' type invention to send a post card- fantastic video-
 we saw a man weaving on a beautiful loom
 a machine which squirted out a plastic made from recycled fridges- making chairs and other furniture

 an amazing film of experimental glass blowing from the ECAL, Lasanne.

.... and lots more.

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