November Giveaway + Sample Sale Dates

Monday 4 November 2013

Happy November to all!

It’s officially the season to get cosy on the sofa with a blanket in London and in many parts of the world!

Of course that means it's also hat and scarf season and to help embrace the cold weather, we are giving away a Caterpillar Scarf in red and a Hofdi Scarf in blue/orange this month:

For your chance to win one of these lovely scarves, please leave a comment with three suggestions for new Donna Wilson products you’d like us to make. Don’t forget to tell us which scarf you’d like to win!

All of our blankets and wooly winter accessories are knitted in Scotland out of the softest lambswool.

In other news this month, we’re excited to announce the dates of our annual Studio Sample Sale!

Mark your calendars; this year our sample sale will take place on:
Friday, November 29th (10am - 6pm)
Saturday, November 30th (10am - 6pm)
Sunday, December 1st (11am - 4pm)

Please note that we have we have moved around the corner from our old studio. Our new address is 17 Pundersons Gardens, Unit 8a, London, E2 9QG. We are just a short walk from the Bethnal Green tube station.

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  1. I´d loooove to see animal character hats!!! (Especially the fox!)
    Next definitely would be posters. Large ones. I already tore my Frankie calendar appart so I could hang your pictures, but still....they are too small for my liking.
    And the third one would be curtains. I love colorful patterns on curtains but frankly most of the curtains you get in stores are rather boring. I think you have the amazing talent of telling stories through your artwork (as you already do with your blankets). I´d love forest curtains. :)

    The hofdi scarf would be wonderful for my ever-sore throat!!!
    My email is: blumennelly(at)gmail(dot)com

    Thank you for the wonderful give-away!!!

  2. I would love you to make a coffee cup jacket, a selection of cute keyrings and a woodland baby mobile...and if you like i would LOVE a Hofdi scarf please!
    Anna Hamer x

  3. I would love for you to make slippers, bedding and fabric.If I win I would love the Hofdi scarf. X

  4. Hello :)
    You already have such a beautiful, broad spectrum of products but perhaps some more florals would be nice? Mid-century 60s inspired simple pop florals. Also I'm a big fan of oversized knitwear so a shawl sized or really super, super chunky scarf range would be interesting and last of all maybe a space scene or solar system childrens blanket could be adorable with cute little planets and stars - this would be adorable for a little boys room!

    Love the Hofdi Scarf, but both are super beautiful!

    Thanks Jess x

  5. My suggestions, in the hope that I might win a Hofdi scarf...
    1. An octopus scarf with 8 strands to wrap around one's neck
    2. A blanket with autumn leaves and hedgehogs
    3. A 'Make Your Own Monster' kit

  6. Oh my, a chance to win a scarf! I love the caterpillar!

    I hope I can inspire you with products that pop up in my head for you.
    How about a very looooong knitted creature to keep away the cold from my windows?
    Or nice knitted cardigans ( please do! I will be your custumor...) for adults?
    Or small carpets especially for bathrooms?

    Have a nice day, xxx

  7. Gorgeous! I would LOVE the caterpillar scarf.
    My product ideas are:

    - A jumper with kittens on
    - A giant woolly blanket covered in orange chickens
    - A squirrely biscuit barrel

    (I'd want all three for a nice cosy evening on the sofa with my cats)


  8. Would ♥ to win the Hofdi Scarf ( well, any of your scarves if I'm honest!)
    My 3 suggestions are:
    - patterned wallpaper
    - patterned woolly tights
    - patterned cardigans

  9. I think ear muffs should come back!! I remember wearing them when I was young and they were so efficient! Also perhaps bunting? (love the bunting backround on your site) and ho hum, what about a teapot? 3 key objects for a happy life! If I was lucky enough then I would adore the Hofdi! xRuth

  10. I have your Blue with Red Fox pillow and I love it!!
    I would like to see this design on a sweater/jumper!

  11. My 3 suggestions: clocks, wall decals and storage boxes.

    I would love the Hofdi Scarf.


  12. Hi there, my suggestions would be a caterpillar draft excluder, some gorgeous standard lampshades featuring DW prints and a funky change mat for my boy.

    If I was lucky enough to win, I would choose the caterpillar scarf!

    Marilla x

  13. I'm very cold right now, so I think more blankets and cushions and hats and scarves and mittens. A nice rug to lie on in front of the fire - maybe a giant knitted creature with a stuffed head and flat body. I agree with the commenter above that bedding would be great or perhaps a giant blanket to go over a king-size bed? Mmmm! Cosy!

    I'd love the hofdi scarf if I won :)

  14. My 3 suggestions would be:
    1) Child-sized pouffes
    2) Clothing (adult and child!)
    3) Enamelware with your animal designs on

    I would love the caterpillar scarf - thank you! Can't wait for the sample sale!

  15. Hi! First of all congratulations for your ten anniversary! I would like to found for next collection this three products: sweaters and clothes for adults and children, ear muffs again and bed linen.
    About the scarf I would like to win, I don't mind, two are really beautiful! But if I had to choose I would say the Hofdi Scarf.

  16. some fresh ideas, like crazy patterned rags, animal like otomans....
    I pick caterpillar scarf! It's beautiful.

  17. I love the Hofdi Scarf :)
    About suggestions:
    - Tins
    - Wall little stickers for decorations
    - Paper (to use in crafts)

  18. Caterpillar scarf - super cute!
    I'd love to see some animal slippers, a basset hound cushion & a forest animal cot mobile! X

  19. My suggestions are:-
    1)Tea Cosies to turn tea pots into your lovely animals
    2) Hot water Bottle Covers
    3)Table Runner and place/drinks mats
    I would like the Hofdi scarf if I was lucky enough to win!
    Fingers crossed x

  20. Hi and first of all, congratulations for the ten anniversary! I would like to found on your next collection: sweaters and clothes for adults and kids, ear muffs again and bed linen. About the scarf, I like both, but if I have to choose I would say the Hofdi Scarf. Thanks!

  21. I would love to win the Hofdi scarf!
    How about wristwarmers and hot water bottle covers???

  22. Patterned wool tights would be absolutely amazing! And patterned jumpers/cardigans (for babies and big people too). And slippers!

    Obviously I am feeling the cold in Edinburgh!

  23. ps: I'd be happy with either scarf!

  24. What a lovely giveaway! I would love to get a Caterpillar Scarf for my little boy.

    You are the queen of wool so I think will be great to see some clothes for children - sweaters with animals and monsters ?
    Your beautiful patterns from blankets can also look great on some wall paper or some posters for children room. That will be great to have!
    Thank you for the chance. Best from rainy Netherlands.Agata

  25. Unfortunately Monocat has met his match in the form of my puppy Sophie, who much prefers him to any of her own toys! So it's no surprise that I would like Donna to make a small toy that could stand up to Sophie. Also, since I know Sophie dreams of foxes , I would like her to have a Donna Wilson bed. And since it's so cold in our Canadian winters, I would love a red fox sweater to keep my little dachshund warm.
    And for me, I'd love the caterpillar scarf!

  26. 1) I would like nordic inspired thermal pyjama sets for those cold nights skinny ski base layer style perhaps matching adult and children?
    2) a hand muffler these could be cute animal ones or patterned ones for ice skating season.
    3) wallpaper. i love your pram print but dont have a baby..... maybe even bed covers aswell. Ooooh.

    I like Hofdi scarf but my mother always said dont look a gift horse in the mouth so would be ecstatic with either. Malini

  27. Now it's getting cold, I feel I like to win the hofdi-scarf.
    My suggestions are: comfy pyjama's; a big shoulder bag; panniers

  28. anything from your scarf store would be fantastically well loved!

    - a badger balaclava
    - foxy hooded scarf
    - squirrel pencil case

    keep up the great work

  29. I love your stuff! I would love the Hofdi scarf, the pattern is so pretty.

    3 item suggestions
    - notebooks with your characters on them
    - brooches and pins!
    - character necklaces made from silver

    hope I win hihihi :)

  30. The Hofdi scarf is absolutely darling! I would cozy up in it everyday if I were so lucky as to win.
    As temperatures drop I would love to see warm pajamas for both me and my little to snuggle in. Bed linens with your designs would be darling, and I would jump at a pair of Mog or Wolfie (any of your creatures, really) slippers to keep tiny toes toasty!


    1. Hi Zoey, You're one of our lucky winners for the giveaway!! Please send your address to and we'll get the Hofdi scarf out to you! Congratulations and thank you for participating! :)

  31. 1) I would love to see anything what is wall decor (story-telling wallpapers, moveable magnetic pieces, posters, etc) to make children's room's wall playful and exiting
    2) tights and leggings, both for kids and adults
    3) umbrellas with your lovely pattern and animals
    If I win i would love to have a Hofdy Scarf

  32. i love them all- hard to choose but maby the forest through is my favorite.
    i know both my kids would love the catterpillar one :)
    i'd love to see:
    - a diy doll kit
    - pj
    - cute hats for adults
    hope i win :)

  33. I love the Hofdi scarf :) I would love to see..
    1 Some shiny Christmas baubles - or knitted baubles, as Tree Decoration
    2 Some bunting - something quirky and not the usual triangles
    3 Some jewellery featuring your quirky creatures - earrings and necklaces in particular

  34. Three products suggestions :
    * Fabrics (I'd love to sew things with fabrics full of your little creatures)
    * Bed linen
    * Wool cardigans

    'love the Hofdi scarf :)

  35. Just had a look at your catalogue and you pretty much have everything a girl can ask for! Wall stickers would be very cool though, maybe some phone covers too?
    Would love to win!

  36. I love all tour products! specially the animal characters!
    I would like to see some cardigan or sweater with your designs, it would be really great!
    If I win I would like the CATERPILLAR SCARF, is so funny!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  37. Being a scarfoholic I would love it if some of Big Teds och Mogs relatives found their way in to the world of scarfs. A Donna Wilson diary or calender would also be great! Perhaps with small stories for each week. I prefer the Hofdi Scarf.

  38. Hi Donna, Laura, Erin and Rebecca and the whole team, it's Sébastien :)
    Firstly, I would like to win Caterpillar red scarf that I would offer to my boyfriend for Christmas.
    I would like Donna created as new products for me would be first a nice wool cover for my IPAd secondly a pretty and practical salad bowl that would go perfectly with my bowls "Acorn" and "Bear Family" and a third pretty cardigan with jacquard.

  39. Hi Donna, Laura, Erin and Rebecca and the whole team,
    Firstly, I would like to win Caterpillar red scarf that I would offer to my boyfriend for Christmas.
    I would like Donna created as new products for me would be first a nice wool cover for my IPAd secondly a pretty and practical salad bowl that would go perfectly with my bowls "Acorn" and "Bear Family" and a third pretty cardigan with jacquard.

  40. Almost imposible to choose but I think I´ll go for the hofdi, I would love to see a teapotwarmer (don´t know the exact english word, but I think you know what I mean) from your hand!

  41. They are both gorgeous, but I would love the caterpillar one which I would share with my little girl. Three new products - animal hats for big and little people, bed linen for snuggling up in and - trays and chopping boards with animal heads, acorns etc. I would then be sorted for all of my Christmas presents!

  42. I would wear any tights that you made!!! The quirky styles are fabulous and would style well in winter, also I think ear muffs - for that retro feel and chunky belts for winter cardigan styling :)
    loving the caterpillar scarf

  43. cardigans with animal prints, hedgehog mittens, penguin scarf
    i would LOVE the caterpillar
    karen s
    twannywun at hotmail dot com

  44. Hi Donna and Co!
    I would love to win the Caterpillar scarf (as I bought the Hofdi last year).
    My suggestions will be :
    - Colorful Tights
    - Brooches in wool with your funny characters
    - Cape or shawl to keep warm :)

  45. pls make:

    a bear pillow
    one of a kind surprise handmade sweaters
    knit brooches

    i'm a fan of the hofdi-fingers crossed;)

    ps. why can't the sample sale be online? pretty pls

  46. I love the caterpillar scarf! As for products I think slippers would be lovely, a large face fruit-bowl - really big to fit lots of fruit! and with pattern inside for when it's not so full. And how about fabric.

  47. I would love to win the Hofdi scarf (well, I would really love to win either of them, but since a choice had to be made...). Some new things that I would like to see Donna Wilson make are pencil cases, tights, and someone up there mentioned long creatures to keep the cold from coming in at the windows... I would like to second that! Also, I just wanted to say that I think it's wonderful that you are making the new tartan for Aberdeen! I am living there (here) now and I can't wait to see how it turns out. Also, I love the way that you are involving local kids in this and teaching them about colour. Wonderful!!

  48. would love to see another creature 23 cm size, just love them and what they stand for
    would love to see a book written with the creatures as characters
    would love to see a scarf with some of the creatures on it

    love love love donna wilson products

    please can i win the catepillar scarf for my suggestions
    from It gets cold in california louise

  49. I adore that hofdi scarf! Having spent the past few weeks scratching my head over Christmas gifts for my dad I would love if you stocked patterned braces, bow ties or pocket squares - it's so difficult to come by really unique versions of these.

  50. I simply adore everything you create! In hope of winning the Hofdi scarf, might I suggest the following:

    1) An adorable stripy or patchy kitty scarf that wraps around the neck like the fox or bunny scarf.
    2) A range of woolen pouches in your lovely patterns, perhaps even in the Nos Da fabric.
    3) A long stick umbrella with a crook handle, featuring your creatures or your graphic patterns.

  51. I am enchanted by Hofdi:)

    Maybe you can make big bins for toys in lovely colours or better yet in some groovy pattern of yours.

    And how about some funky animal slippers?

    And I would go ga-ga over one of those old school hand muffs!

    Cheers to you and your time, you guys rock!


  52. I love that 'Blah blah' design, just adorable!