Monster making madness at SCP

Monday 22 March 2010

This weekend we launched our new spring collection at SCP, in their fantastic east and west London shops. on top of that we held a monster making workshop, where kids and adults could make their very own amazing monsters from the monster kits we sell.  I think the kids enjoyed it, and quite a few adults too!

Here are a few pictures of monsters and their makers!

As you can see we had some fantastic monsters!
And I would like to thank Sheridan at SCP for hosting the fun, and also supporting me so much, SCP have bought my collections since the beginning and always have a huge selection of my products in both shops.
go to for more details.


  1. they would match your sofa lea!

  2. dear Donna,
    I've just received a Big,big letter from you!!!
    All I've received is wonderfull!
    I've made a post on my blog.
    Thank you

  3. oh i love your work!!!! i ish i was 5 so you could give me a puppet lesson!!!
    ! )


  4. Good idea!! Children should be happy! :)

  5. Dear Donna!
    It would be great to do a swap with you!
    I love everything you do!
    Once I finished preparing my exhibition, I will prepare something!
    Good weekend

  6. Great idea - love the kids faces with their cute monsters!


  7. Hi there! I really love your products - especially this wallpaper seen in the SCP window. Is it available somewhere? I checked the website but no luck..