beautiful decay

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Last weekend I had a little adventure back to my homeland! Looking round a derelict space it struck me how beautiful the decay was. I love this old rusty switch, which to me looks like a face.

 Peeling off paint makes a fantastic texture

in the most beautiful colours, pinks and mustards and creams

Nature reclaiming the man made, strange to see wallpaper in a domestic space but plants growing where the carpets should be. Quite eerie.


  1. how wonderful. i love the old rusty switch face - he's almost blinking too. the magic green carpet is a little eerie but its also like a secret land within old walls. so beautiful.

  2. What lovely pics:-)

  3. Wondeful. The green carpet reminded me of a story I was told about a woman who scattered lawn seed over her ex-husband's carpet ..then watered it... and shut it up for the summer while he and his lover were away travelling!

  4. I love the old rusty switch face! Lovely pics!

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  5. Phwoar! Lovely, you might enjoy the 28 days later forum, they take lovely pictures of abandoned buildings and things, very ghostly and faded. I think it's just enjoy!