Spring is in sight!

Wednesday 17 February 2010

The sun was shining into the studio today reminding us what spring is like... can't wait! so I thought I's show you my first ever 'spring/summer' range of cushions. They are printed in cotton, so no wool, which is new for me too! they come with a duck feather cushion pad and are made in the UK.

Folk Flower above, has a stalk on the back.

Happy Spring time ahead!!


  1. I find your work very inspiring. I gave my mother a mitten kitten and I have your knitting book. On your website, the link for the spring collection doesn´t work: it links to the old winter collection...

  2. Thanks Helene, do you mean the new catalogue? we will be putting a new one up there on Monday/Tuesday. I notice you also follow Su Blackwell, we were in the same class at the RCA! small worlds x

  3. HI Donna,i'm a tailor and i love your work!!!!!!!!expecially your cloudy cushion:FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

  4. Your work is amazing! Just discovered your blog - so much to see! On a side note, in this posts' second picture, what kind of shoes are on the floor? They go great with the pillow and look cool!

  5. Thanks Jenn, the little blue slippers are from Morocco, they were a gift, really sweet.