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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

This morning I took a snap for you of my windowsill, I've been collecting little wooden things for a while. Don't really know what to do with them except line them up. I love multiples of things!
Ok, left to right:
1.Funny chipmunk babushka which I bought last summer in India.
2.Tall doll, which was turned on a lathe by a man outside Glasgow, and painted by me for an exhibition.  I wanted to find a small company to make them, but still can't find anyone.
3.Traditional babushka, which I think I picked up years ago in Prague. They are such beautiful things, and you can use them to put little secret keep sakes in. 
4.Little carved wood tree, bought from Thorsten van Elten (thorstenvanelten.com)when he had a shop on Warren street. 
5.Tiny green tree babushka, can't remember for the life of me where I got these three trees from.
8.9.more little traditional babushkas, I love the tiniest one, it's like a miniature skittle.
10.Rocking horse, bought in Orkney strangely enough! actually I think that's where I got those dark green trees, a tiny christmas shop in Stromness!
Ok the other side now:
11.after another chipmunk a (12.)turned bird also painted by me for the same show. 
13. Large carved tree, which are made in Erzgebirgische Germany where they also make those amazing nut crackers!
14.M15.ore babushkas
16.A dala horse which I got in copenhagen, although they are originally from Sweden, fid out about their history here: dalahorse.com/dala_horse_history.html
17.Little tree I made and painted and wrapped with wool, still really want to do something with these wooden pieces, so watch this space.
Collections of the same type of things always look really nice don't you think? 


  1. I'm envious of your collection! You've inspired me to start collecting again.

  2. Your little collection is very nice I especially like the little Russian dolls.

  3. Great collection! Your painted wooden person is fantastic, you definitely need to find a handy lathe company!


  4. OOH! I would definitely buy one of your painted lathe ladies..so gorgeous. you have to find someone to make them! Great collection.

  5. Really cute! I have a doll collection (mostly wooden) from places around the world. Great idea to display them on a window with the light shining in - to highlight all of the possibilities!

  6. A handsome lineup your wooden multiples make. Just lovely.