Koala has been named Wilbur

Tuesday 5 July 2011

Thank you all so so much for sending in your names for Wilbur. I really enjoyed reading them all and the little ideas for his likes and dislikes.  We chose Wilbur as I really think it suits him. So congratulations Julia Hausfrau, we'll be sending you a Wilbur as soon as we have your address.

By the way, Wilbur likes pink apples, and dislikes french fries.

I have been a little hectic this last month and haven't done a June giveaway which is terrible, so bear with me and I'll do a double one for July!

Thanks again to everyone who sent in suggestions, I really appreciate it. 



  1. i love all your creatures!!!!!!!! I wonder where i can buy yours in Korea :-) I'm from Korea but since when I was young, I has fallen love with your all things, I'm glad now, cause I live in London, so I can see your special stuff many places!

  2. i so love your work! and now i am so excited to have found your wonderful blog too! thank you for all of the inspiration :)

    best wishes to you!

  3. Awh he's so cute! His name really suits him :)