and the winners are....

Wednesday 10 August 2011

  Thank you so much for all your lovely suggestions for our June and July giveaway. So much fun to read them all, I wish I could give everything something for taking part, but we have to choose 2 winners only-

These were chosen at random, so please get in touch by email and we'll send you the prize- 

Flora who said...

"I love to sail in all kind of weathers, 
The fresh salty breeze a-ruffling my feathers"

and Louisa Elise  who said...
'Please, don't eat me! I'm not as tasty as you think I am!' 

also still trying to get in touch with Julia Hausfrau, who won the last givaway!
contact Krisitna on

thanks again! and August's give away will be coming up at the end of the month.


  1. Wow, did I win the last one? I'll send you an email rigth now!

  2. OH!!!! That's me! How excited I am :)

    Sending an email now. Thanks a million. Happy day!

  3. I've sent a mail to Hope it got trough? Still can't believe I won the lovely Wilbur, thanks again <3

  4. Hi, just checking you got my email as I'm not sure the email address you give is correct... is it Krsitna or Krsitina or even Kristina! Thanks, Flora

  5. sorry guys! it is I hope you managed to get in touch.

  6. Now I've sent the email to the right address! Luckily I say the post about the email address :) I'm very happy about you choosing my line, thanks soooo much!

  7. Just received my cushion this morning... thank you so much, it's gorgeous.

    Best wishes,
    Flora x