Toy Story, an exhibition at the Bluecoat Display Centre in Liverpool

Thursday 8 May 2014

Hi everyone,

If you're in Liverpool, please visit the Bluecoat Display Centre's 'Toy Story' exhibition which opens tomorrow (with a late night preview tonight!). We are proud to say that our very own creatures are included in the exhibition!


'Toy Story' features the work of toy makers who employ traditional techniques which encourage children to engage and interact with toys and to use their imaginations. This exhibition celebrates the golden age of handcrafted toys, and aims to provide inspiration for adults and children alike, which defies the throw away aspect of our society. 


As you know, at Donna Wilson we have always believed in producing quality, long lasting objects that help cultivate a culture of cherishing and long-keeping, rather than one of instant gratification and disposability. This exhibition helps to embody those principles and showcases some great examples of how mindful design and production can be so inspiring and enriching to both kids and adults.


For more information about the exhibition please check the Bluecoat Display Centre's website, and below:

Friday 9th May 2014 - Saturday 28th June 2014
College Lane Entrance, Liverpool, L1 3BZ
+44 (0)151 709 4014
The Bluecoat Display Centre is a nationally and internationally recognised contemporary craft and design gallery that has been established since 1959, and is a haven for enthusiasts of everything exquisite in the field of contemporary craft and design. 

We hope you can make it if you are in Liverpool! 

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