Happy September + Maison & Objet in 1 week!

Monday 1 September 2014

Hi everyone,

Today is a very special day as it is Donna's birthday!  
Image credit @babettevanpopta on Instagram

In honour of Donna's birthday this month, we are giving away one Cyril, one of Donna's earliest and most beloved creatures! 

For your chance to win your very own Cyril to take care of, we would like you to write Cyril a short letter explaining to him why you think he should join you and your family in your home. Please submit your letters to Cyril in the form of a comment on this blog or as in email to press@donnawilson.com, and we'll pick a lucky winner at the end of the month!


We are also very excited to share that we will be exhibiting at the world renowned Maison & Objet trade show later this week. Our lovely Bibi Bear will be joining us on this trip to Paris and we'll soon have some snapshots to share with you of Bibi enjoying the Parisian lifestyle. Oohlala!

If you'll be visiting Maison & Objet, you are in for a treat as you will get to see all of the new products we have been working on for the past few months. We have been working very hard on our new collection and are excited to finally be able to show you all the new things. 

Here's where you'll find  us:
Stand #E17 at NOW! Design a Vivre, Hall 8
Maison & Objet at Parc des Expositions (Paris Nord Villepinte)

Dates & Hours:
Friday Sept. 5th - Monday Sept. 8th (9:30am-7pm)
Tuesday Sept. 9th (9:30am-6:30pm)

Please come by and say hello as we love meeting all of our stockists from around the world!

P.S. Our two lucky winners last month were Sarah in Bolton and Jill in Ann Arbor, Michigan! 


  1. Dear Cyril,

    I heard you are looking for a new home.

    We live in a chalet in the mountains in Switzerland. We like to watch the view of the mountains here instead of tv and the skies are extremely blue.

    We have two old cats and a little girl who would love to play with you and show you around.

    I hope you like chocolate and cheese and being around lots of trees.

    You're cute!.

  2. Dear Cyril, would you like to come and live with us? We have two little girls who promise not to hurt you and a mummy and a daddy who love animals. The mummy has a vintage caravan where she spends lots of time crafting and she thinks you would be very happy living there with the other creatures who share it with her.

  3. I love Cyril! We love foxes and we love and keep hens. We currently have four hens...and although Mr Fox threatens and has taken a few of our hens in the past. I know that a fox has to eat. And its nature. I still think they are beautiful creatures but Cyril is adorable and no threat to our hens. His busy tail and quirky face would receive many cuddles and remind me that all animals are our friends and need loving! Please Cyril come and live with us! Id take a photo of you with the hens too :)

  4. Dear Cyril,
    forget what the others say! Here with us you have the chance to eat Schwarzwaelder Kirschtorte almost every day! I guess the Black Forest would be the perfect place for you. Here are bears and owls and altogether you'll be in good company (although I've heard vampires are hiding here as well - if you like adventures we can look for them and perhaps catch one or two!).
    Our little girl Nova shows a lot of mischief and cleverness in her eyes and I'm sure you will become best friends. As soon as you need a break from beeing put into Nova's mouth, you can come with me to university and check out all the girls ;-)
    So don't hesitate, Cyril!

  5. Dear Cyril, come and live with us! The smallest members of this house will make you a comfy bed and take you all their adventures. And our dog, moose, will let you share his garden and show you all his favourite spots. Plus you can have as much marmalade and as many cuddles as you can dream of! :-)

  6. Dear Cyril,
    I recently got married and my new little family would love to welcome you to our home. Our last name is Renard, which is French for Fox, so we're a perfect fit for you! We love foxes and have many of them around the house to keep our two dogs and our furry kitty company when we can't all be together. I've had my eye on you for a while and am happy to hear that you're looking for a new place to call home. If you choose us, you won't be disappointed!
    Hope to meet you soon! xo

  7. Dear Cyril,

    When I was little my dad, invented a story about a little fox called Nana and he would tell me this story everynight. I truely believed that Nana was a real fox that was going through all sorts of adventures in order to help his dad recover. Everytime I was going to the mountain I would call her name as loud as I could, and believe me, I saw her running a few times. And Nana could speak my mothertongue!
    That is why I would like you to come and live with us,... I want you to meet Nana! I am sure you'll become good friends.
    I can't wait to meet you!

    Big hug!


  8. Dear Cyril, I am pretty sure you would love Santa Fe. Now that Fall is coming there is the smell of green chilies being roasted and pinon wood in the air. Our house is warm and full of snuggles. I have a hand-knit scarf just your size if you decide to come! Lots of love from Santa Fe. Christa (christadalien(at)hotmail

  9. Hi Cyril,

    How are you? Do you have fun in the forest? In the Netherlands it is slowly becoming autumn and the leaves are turning brown. Last week i have seen one of your friends in an tree behind my room. I was looking out of the window and saw your friend running from the ground to the top of the tree. It was so cool to see & your friend was so fast! Are you also a fast runner? I am very curious and i think that your friend here definitely want to see you. Maybe you can run and jump together. And if you're coming don't forget to say it to me, then can i get some beechnuts for you. Or do you want some other nuts? Personally i love roasted chestnuts above beechnuts but don't worry i know a good grocery for nuts and i'm sure they have some good beechnuts for you. Give my congratulations to Donna & i hope to meet you soon!

    Big hug for you, xxx Karlijn (karlijnvdwijk@hotmail.com)

  10. Dear Cyril,

    It's probably quite a good thing that you like marmalade, rather than things like worms and conkers. We recently moved to a city and I rarely get to see much wildlife, or giant old trees, or birds OR foxes anymore… Running around is kinda hard too, unless you want to run into a man in a suit.. or a lamppost! EEEKKK (or ouch!)

    To tell you the truth, I think I miss the days wandering around woods more than I miss my old house and school! Although, I don't want you to think it will be boring here in the city. We can listen to the radio, draw in my sketchbook, and even walk to the shop together (they have a few varieties of marmalade, so you're in luck!).

    I hope you'll come and and tell me lots of tales about your mischievous days in the wild!

    Lots of love, from Catherine :)

  11. Oh, hi there Cyril!
    Do you know what teddy bear love feels like? Baby boy Osias will show you. You'll feel cherished and beloved and my 2-year-old boy will give you many bedtime adventures and you'll become his best friend. Little arms are waiting to hug you and take you everywhere.
    C'mon Cyril ♥!