1000 paper cranes - Hiroshima

Thursday 14 June 2012

As you all probably know I'm lucky enough to be doing a tour of Japan. Today we are in Hiroshima, where we visited the peace garden built on the site of the terrible atomic bomb.
Most people are overcome with sadness on visiting the site, but there is also a feeling of hope and prosperity. We learned a story about a girl who was affected by the bomb, she was caught in some black rain which was full of radiation. She battled her illness, but sadly died. During her illness she thought that if she could fold 1000 paper cranes ( origami birds) she might recover.
Now in the gardens there are lots of cases stuffed full of millions of paper cranes, all in beautiful rainbow colours and donated each year by school children. They were so beautiful and a symbol of hope and peace. Here are a few snaps x


  1. I love how the colours reflect the vibrancy of life despite the sadness of the memorial.

  2. So nice and colourful, looks like you have a wonderful time!

  3. I'm in awe of all those paper cranes. That is such a sad story about the little girl. But the hope and love her story generates is wonderful.