Food and Fruit from Japan

Saturday 23 June 2012

Just back from a fantastic trip to Japan, so I'll be sharing some photos with you for my next few blog posts.
Japan has some of the most amazing cuisine! we tried a lot of things that we wouldn't normally, such as chicken heart, cow tongue ! Here are some pics of some of the most beautiful food and meals!

We were so surprised at the price of fruit, but found out that in Japan the fruit that you can buy in the shops has to all be uniform sizes, so anything that's not is used for juice! so the fruit has to be perfect!

 green pancakes!

 These mangos were arounf £50 EACH!!
 These are cherries, presented so beautifully in boxes.  they were £105.00 per box!!

 A home cooked meal of chicken stock or tomoatoe stock, with veg and meet, so delicious!

 green leafy cakes

 I stared at these in the window for a long time!
Panda bun


  1. I went to Japan a few years ago when my sister was living there, I remember seeing a fruit shop on our first day in Tokyo and being completely dumbfounded by the prices! It was perturbing as I had a fruit loving toddler with me. Luckily when we settled in we found supermarkets that were a lot more reasonable, but I'm pretty sure we didn't eat grapes while we were there!

  2. Incredible photos of an incredible culture. Thanks!

  3. Japanese make real amazing food, but they're also known for really expensive fruits and veggies!

  4. Wilbur is so awesome,i would love to go where he has gone in Japan..