Blow your own Bauble at Michael Ruh's Glass Studio

Tuesday 20 November 2012

A while back we all went Glass Blowing with Michael Ruh. Michael makes his own amazing work, vases, jars, bowls etc of which I've always been a big fan.  My first studio was next door to Michael and Natascha, in West Norwood.
I used to watch them in amazement at how they make a glass  by turning a molten burning hot blob of material skilfully into something that is beautiful and fragile and pure. 

Michel and Natascha hold Glass blowing workshops in December so you can have a go at blowing your own Christmas Bauble. I'd thoroughly recommend it, it's great fun and the whole process is mind blowing to me!
Here's some pics of us:

Michael showing us how they make optic fibres demonstrating how bendy and stretchy glass is.

Look at what we made!  find out more here:


  1. What beautiful blog!...and what amazing experience make something in blown glass! It's so charming, it is?