Old plates, Aladins caves and a new friend with sad eyes.

Sunday 18 March 2012

Hope you all had a lovely weekend? 
I had a nice day today, played with some old plates that I had- need to have a spring clean so I thought I'd take some photos before finding them a new home.

 mini cake cups
 look at this little swallow invite rsvp thing, so lovely!

 and some vintage hand painted buttons

Then went for a snoop round a reclamation yard... and looked up to the ceiling. look at all the old brass tea pots- like an Aladin's cave.

and some nice textured signs outside!
Then I met a new friend who had very sad eyes, I had to buy him to try to make him happy again, will show you all soon!


  1. I love the plates, will they be available to purchase?

  2. I love the miss-matched stack of the plates... and good luck cheering up your new friend! :) x

  3. those geometricky ones are superb. Love the elephant too - I think its very important teddies have a home so well done you! :) This weekend I've been ebyaying a few items trying to get rid and my mum bought over loads of old penguin books that we now have up in our sitting room next to some of your prints - they look fab! Its a constant recycle! :)

  4. Love old crockery, makes a biscuit taste so much better. X