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Saturday 31 March 2012

Do any of you have  pinterest? I started it a few weeks ago, and just in case you don't know what I'm talking about, pinterest is an online pin board where you can share the things you have seen and find inspiring. The nice thing about them is that if you click on an image it takes you back to the original source website.
have a look at ours: http://pinterest.com/donnawilsonltd/ it's good fun.


  1. hELLO Donna

    That isn't quite true about taking you back to the original source, only if the person who originally pinned it used the correct source...
    I have deleted my account as there is a lot of controversy surrounding copywrite...in fact the owner of Pinterest has recently deleted all his own pin boards. Wwy? Check out my link
    and other articles linked on my post.
    Pinterest is a wonderful resource and the 2 weeks I spent on there, storing images was brilliant...But not if I can be sued for
    copyright. It is something that Pinterest are well aware of and are working on it... Lets hope a solution is found soon.
    Have a great sunday

    1. Oh dear, I didn't realise that- I have really enjoyed pinning things I like and have found a few new designers that I love through pinterest. Also we get quite a few people clicking through to our web site from there. But it sounds like they have issues they need to address . Thanks for letting me know!

  2. Yes I have Pinterest, and you are featured on it also!

  3. That is good to know too! I have been thinking about starting an account since I have a store, but now that I hear this I think I will just let the idea go. I guess the same could be said about images on Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.

    Thanks for the info, Julie

    www.koti.it :)

  4. i heart pinterest.. this is my board http://pinterest.com/treecookies ;)